Insuarnce valuations for jewellery

Insurance valuations for jewellery can vary from a single item to a large collection of jewellery. We specialise in insurance valuations for all types of jewellery and watches.

Insurance valuations for jewellery are produced to provide evidence of value in the event of theft, loss or damage and most insurance companies are now requesting a valuation for any item over £2,500.


      • Your jewellery will valued at the correct amount. It is surprising how many people do not have an up to date valuation.
      • Don’t be caught out, in event of your jewellery being stolen the last thing you need is to be told is that you will not get the full amount needed to replace you jewellery. 
      • If you need to claim the insurance valuation provides proof you had the item and evidence of their value making the claim quicker and hassle free.
      • The valuation reports will increase your chances of recovering your items.

  WHY CHOOSE US?                  

      • We provide a fast and quick turnaround, valuations are produced within 4 days.
      • Fully qualified and insured.  
      • Fees are charged per item and not a percentage of jewellery for more information on valuation fees please click here



Our insurance valuations are presented in portfolio format and include:

      • Letter of transmittal
      • A fully detailed description for each item.
      • Images
      • Inspection of each item condition and any repairs recommended
      • Insurer’s summary
      • Glossary of terms




Different values that can placed on Insurance valuations:

New Replacement Value.  NRV

This refers to an item being valued on replacement cost in the retail sector including VAT to the client. So the value would be of replacing item of goods with a similar item.

Second Hand Replacement Value – SHRV

This value is used when items are no longer in production and a newly made item is not desirable or available. The secondary market is often a used market such as antique stores, pawnbrokers or auction houses.

Antique Replacement Value – ARV

The value on items over 100 years old, This value should enable the owner to obtain a similar antique replacement article of equivalent quality and in like condition

New For old Value – NFOV

This value represent is similar to NRV but is designed for items when the owner would like a new replacement rather than a second hand equivalent. Normally the case with second hand watches that are now obsolete.

Facsimile Value -FV

This value reflects the likely current replacement price of recreating a handmade facsimile of the original using the same construction standards, materials and design, the mounting needs to replicate exactly the original and not just be visually similar.

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