Private Sale

Private sale 

This type of valuation refers to sale between private parties; this is required when one person wishes to sell property to another by private treaty. It is also known as willing buyer willing seller valuation.

Private treaty valuations are important to ascertain the value of goods being transferred. It is suitable for higher value items, privacy and discretion are assured

Questions on valuation for sale by private treaty.

When is private sale valuation appropriate?

When goods change hands between private sellers, this type of valuation can ensure both parties are getting a fair deal

What is the basis for private sale valuation? 

It is usual for a figure to be worked out on the basis of open market valuations, that is a the hammer price if the item was to be sold in an appropriate auction. There are no hard and fast rules on this type of valuation, an item may pass hands for more or less than the stated value.

What are the benefits of private sale valuations?  

If items of jewellery are being divided within a family through bequests the valuation will ascertain the value of what is being gifted.  A Private treaty valuation can be beneficial as it may also include gem testing and a description which will give certainty that the item is genuine

A home visit service is available for private sale valuations and our guarantee that the valuation would remain confidential

Valuation for Capital Gains Tax 

When clients or their professional advisors require a formal valuation for capital gains tax purposes.

Items are assessed on the basis of  open market valuation, usually compared to prices achieved at auction

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